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Street Tonic

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Dedicated is the new category I’m adding starting with this post, it’s about only one person. I’ll put together photos I haven’t published and looks that I’ve liked the most out of New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Four cities, six seasons so far. 

I’ve decided to start with Giovanna. Talented girl who is always elegant and chic. I hope you enjoy this ‘Dedicated’ posts as much as I did going trough my photo archive to pick them. I’m telling you it’s a dedication in every sense! :)


Leaf Greener

Street Tonic

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This is one of her many* inspiring outfits she wore during New York fashion week that I Loved**. She is one of the girls that I feel curious to see how she is dressed. I love finding out new brands and new Chinese designers*** that she likes to wear.  All that colorful, decorated pieces that all together they become one perfect outfit with her styling. Definitely not an easy job**** to pull it off this well, it needs a talent. 


*So you know that I will be publishing all.

**I actually loved all her outfits during that week. And the last season, and the also season before last season…. you get it! Right?

***I wish I could find out where to buy, or maybe first to say their names correctly.

****I might have look like a ……! hmm maybe better not to say.